Monday, June 18, 2012

Reds Ribbon Wreath!

Here is a great wreath to show your support for the Cincinnati Reds!  I finally found MLB ribbon so I bought enough to make two wreaths!  I might be keeping one for myself.  This wreath looks awesome and everyone will know you are a true Reds fan with this hanging on your door!
Selling this wreath for $40!  Check out the listing on etsy below or contact me if you would like to purchase it!

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  1. Where do you find the super cute Reds ribbon? I've looked at stores and online and haven't found anything yet. Thanks!

  2. Emily - Great question! I got a lot of it at my local Michaels store but it was during that baseball season. I have also seen it at JoAnns too! Good luck!

  3. i want one! anyway you can sell another?

    1. Amy, I can make a another. It should take me about 2 weeks (maybe sooner!) Please email me your email address where I can send a picture once it is completed! katieruschman @ Hotmail. com Thanks! Katie